Saving Mother Giving Life (SMGL) Project

Started 1/01/2012.The SMGL project is grant from United States Government and being implemented with various stakeholders such as Centre for disease control, USAID,Peace Corps, National Institute of health, Department of state, Department of defense, the Ministry of health  of Uganda , Baylor and Infectious disease institute. It is being implemented in the four districts of Kabarole, Kamwenge, Kibaale and Kyenjojo.

The Goal of the project aims at reducing maternal mortality by 50% in the 4 district over a 12 month period .The Association of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Uganda (AOGU) have been contracted as the lead professional organization working with other professional association: Uganda Pediatric Association (UPA), Uganda Society of Anesthesia (USoA) to lead on and deliver the capacity building component of SMGL by Baylor and Infectious disease Institute.