Message from AOGU President

It is my greatest delight for the trust and faith you bestowed in me to serve as President of this Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Uganda (AOGU) and help to advance the organization toward the next level of achievement. I feel privileged and grateful to you all our members and to our past presidents for your service and leadership.

Let me take this opportunity to acknowledge the tremendous initiatives that were undertaken by our members. Indeed you are an inspiration, a challenge and an avenue for us to continue doing great works that you began. Our essential values and competencies guide us best to serve and help us secure the future of our influence in improving healthcare in the region.

AOGU is of strong foundation which has capacity to set sights on unique opportunity to become the most trusted and engaging healthcare leadership organization worldwide. The scale of the challenge is such that we need to work collaboratively with others to develop a clear plan for the future. Capacity building is not just about getting people working in the field. It’s also about growing our competency as a professional group. We already make an important contribution through, for example, our AIP trainings, Mentorship, Reproductive health services and research but we need to be more aggressive in teaming with stakeholders in maternal and child health to locate gaps in training and education, helping to fill those gaps.

Challenging ourselves with achievable goals is an appropriate move for the organization of our size and competence where we all unite passionately under a common purpose. If you think about it, engagement and trust have always been at the core of AOGU.

AOGU is an incredibly tremendous association with highly skilled professionals with reputation for transparency, good practices and because we are as well as volunteers, we achieve a high level of efficiency. We have local skills, connections, and knowledge in emergency and obstetric care. Our members serve in public and private health facilities all over Uganda and internationally.

To put it simply, if you want to spend a dollar on improving quality of care in reproductive health in Uganda, you can’t do better than to spend it with AOGU. That is not just me speaking out of pride; it is verifiably true and is reflected in our rankings by independent organizations.

Finally, I hope you will join me in working together to increase awareness of and relevance of AOGU,  a thriving professional organization which  is  making  a  major  international  impact on  the  conduct  of health with many achievements. The world changes rapidly however; and especially the immensely challenging world of health policy. AOGU needs to rise to these challenges to sustain and enhance our impact on human well being.

It’s my honour to serve you.

Dr. Namagembe Imelda

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