Each abstract will be reviewed by three reviewers according to the following criteria:

  1. Background and rationale for study;
  2. Appropriateness of methods;
  3. Presentation of results;
  4. Conclusions and interpretations of results;
  5. Public health significance;
  6. Recommended intervention and estimation of public health impact; and
  7. Overall clarity of the abstract.

Since some or all of the reviewers and those attending the conference may not be familiar with the subject matter, the author should explicitly address the public health significance of the subject and rationale for the study. “Public health significance” refers to the magnitude of the health event, its seriousness and/or its perceived importance to the public. The rationale should indicate why the study was done (such as to answer important applied research question; to replicate a previous study to determine if the findings are replicable; or to fulfill a public health need).
Abstracts will be considered for either oral or poster presentation.