Some of the Projects

FIGO-GATES Institutional Strengthening Project

From 2009, The project involved the following activities MPDR, Policy Meetings at advocacy and policy related meeting at MOH, engaging in national events, training & capacity building:

Saving Mothers and Newborn Project. 2007-2011

FIGO funded 4 year project whose goal was to contribute to reduction of maternal mortality through improving emergency obstetric care and piloting community financing and pregnancy companions. This is in collaboration with AMRN, and Uganda Christian University-Saving Mothers Program.

Maternal Death Reviews in Uganda 2007 to present

Scaling up and training on for Obstetrician and Gynaecologists. Presently, with the Ministry of Health and in partnership with Uganda Pediatric Association the AOGU is facilitating the scale up of maternal perinatal death reviews audit process.

Saving Mother Giving Life (SMGL) project

Started 1/01/2012. The SMGL project grant from United States Government was being implemented with various stakeholders such as Centre for disease control, USAID, Peace Corps, National Institute of health, Department of state, Department of defence, the Ministry of health of Uganda, Baylor and Infectious Disease Institute. It was implemented in the four districts of Kabarole, Kamwenge, Kibaale and Kyenjojo. The Goal of the project was to reduce maternal mortality by 50% in the 4 district. The Association of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Uganda (AOGU) as the lead professional organization working with other professional association: Uganda Pediatric Association (UPA), Uganda Society of Anesthesia (USoA) marshaled to lead and deliver the capacity building component of SMGL.
SMGL activities were also implemented with stakeholder PACE and MARIESTOPPES for PFP Clinics.

Involvement in the development of a number of Ministry of Health policies and protocols related to maternal and neonatal health

Involvement in the development of a number of Ministry of Health policies and protocols related to maternal and neonatal health, internship training package (e.g. guidelines of obstetric emergencies) and malaria control program.

USAID/Uganda social marketing activity (SMA)

To reduce new HIV infections, total fertility, maternal and child mortality, malnutrition and mortality due to malaria by increasing utilization of socially marketed products and services in the country led by Uganda Health Marketing Group (UHMG).

UN Joint Program To Increase Access to Family Planning

This program is being implemented in northern Uganda

Women’s health project on Post Partum Intra Uterine Device (PPIUD)

By the Programme for Accessible Health Communication and Education (PACE)

Training of Trainers on Post Abortion Care (PAC) and Misoprostol for Post Abortion Care (MPAC)

supported by Protecting Women’s Health and Advancing women’s Reproductive Rights (IPAS).

Helping Mothers Survive – Bleeding After Birth (HMS-BAB)

The facility-based, cluster randomised intervention study to examine the effectiveness of the one-day “Helping Mothers Survive – Bleeding After Birth (HMS-BAB)” training programme. Study by FIGO implemented by AOGU in partnership with UNMU and UPMA