Core Values And Principles

  • Professionalism: members of AOGU shall adhere to their professional code of conduct and ethics in performance of their duties as prescribed for the medical field in general and for the obstetrics and gynecology profession in particular. AOGU shall provide fair treatment to all clients irrespective of gender, religion, race, ability or ethnic background.
  • Transparency and accountability: Members shall be open when providing reproductive health respect and answerable for their actions or inactions.
  • Responsiveness: AOGU and its members shall be responsive to the expectations and needs of its members, partners and communities in a timely manner.
  • Innovation: members of AOGU shall always explore new and creative ways of maximizing AOGU contribution to RH service delivery for the benefit of Ugandans through research.
  • Dynamism: both the individual members and the association as a whole shall handle the affairs of the association with vitality, energy and enthusiasm.
  • Teamwork and commitment: AOGU members shall work together as responsible and loyal members of the corporate family.
  • Partnership: AOGU will work closely with key partners in RH to contribute to sustainable human development and improvement of the quality of life.
  • Standards and quality: AOGU shall promote and maintain standards and quality in reproductive health service delivery.
  • Partnerships: AOGU has nurtured partnerships with the Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of Canada (SOGC), Social Justice Fund, Canada, Save the Children in Uganda, White Ribbon Alliance, Uganda Christian University Mukono, Uganda Private Midwives Association, Uganda Society of Anesthesia, Uganda National Midwives Union, African Midwives Research Network (AMRN), Action AID Uganda, Child Health and Development Centre, Makerere University, Regional Centre for Quality of Health Care , Baylor, Infectious Disease Institute, UHMG, PACE, UNFPA, CUAMM, RHITES, JHPIEGO, Makerere School of Public Health, MOH and Save the Children.